Key Staff

From the time he could walk, Wheel Solutions founder Matt was already completely immersed in the automotive world and motor racing. No surprise, as his farther was a prolific racer of the era and it was not long before Matt was behind the wheel of competition go karts, followed by VB Commodore racecars and countless European exotica as he grew. With over 15 years as a professional driver, the accolades included being crowned the Porsche Cup Champion and success in V8 Endurance events. This unbridled passion and commitment forms the foundation of the perfectionist approach engaged by Wheel Solutions to this day.

– Matt Coleman

Younger brother Andy was of course also raised in the Coleman family’s car racing world, spending much of his youth at the track and around cars. Whilst Andy’s version of thrill-seeking saw him spend over 15 years as a professional skier and mountain-biker, his work life was in wheel showrooms developing outstanding knowledge. With a keen eye for detail, Andy is now the lead painter and wheel re-roll expert for Wheel Solutions, ensuring your wheels are in the best possible hands.

–Andy Coleman

What family overview is complete without the mother that formed the rock of stability in the intense life of a motorsport family? Bev Coleman has also spent the majority of her life surrounded by performance cars and their drivers, from rubbing shoulders with early F1 stars to close involvement with Bob Jane Racing and of course, her own car-obsessed family. Armed with this wealth of experience, Bev now runs the administration functions of Wheel Solutions and when she greets your phone call, that industry expertise and passion is at your disposal.

– Bev Coleman

The ever-growing support team that makes up Wheel Solutions should not be over-looked. Made up of expertly-trained professionals, the workshop staff are literally hand-picked from across the globe with impressive backgrounds in wheel refurbishing. This wider Wheel Solutions crew allows extra processes to be utilised, for results that leave the so-called competition far behind.

–The Wider Team
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