Yes. We are experts in machining and polishing wheel lips, for a perfect finish every time.

Yes. Our repair and repainting includes oven baking for factory finish and durability.
Yes. For 90% of rim bends that occur from potholes and the like, we can re-roll and repaint onsite. 
Yes. We have our own specialist CNC machine that can re-machine wheels to exacting standards.
Yes. We have a range of shadow chrome finishes for refurbishing or customising your wheels.
Anything you can imagine! From polished lips and centres to custom paints in pearl, metallic, satin, matte, gloss or a combination.
Yes. Our expertise is in exotic vehicle where large-diameter wheels are standard, so our quality machinery is equipped accordingly.
Yes. Although we pride ourselves on fast turn-around and a convenient location, speak to our friendly staff about this service for wheel or car collection.
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